Broiler/Fryer: Daily National Broiler Market at a Glance
Atlanta, GA.     Thur. May. 17, 2018     USDA Market News  

Broiler/Fryer:  Daily National Broiler Market at-a-Glance

Whole broiler/fryer prices are generally steady to firm but noted to have 
a lower undertone in the Western region. Supplies are light to moderate. Retail 
demand is light to moderate but expected to do better in preparation of the  
Memorial day holiday. Food service demand is light to moderate. Floor stocks are balanced to
instances short of needs. Market activity is light to moderate. In the parts structure, 
prices for boneless skinless breasts, tenderloins and wings is steady to weak; 
bone-in breasts are at least steady. The market on dark items is steady at best. 
Offerings of jumbo boneless skinless breasts is moderate to moderately heavy with
smaller sized product light to moderate. Offerings of wings are moderate, tenderloins
light to moderate and bone-in breasts light. Dark item offerings mixed, mostly moderate.
Market activity for parts is slow to moderate. In production areas, live supplies are moderate 
at mixed but mostly desirable weights.

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Prepared: 17-May-18 1:47E TSB